Curriculum Vitae

Name:                         David Andrew McNaughton

Telephone:                 07484831127



Honorary Professor, University of Edinburgh

Professor, Florida State University (2003-2017)

Professor, Department of Philosophy, Keele University (1996-2003)

Senior Lecturer, Department of Philosophy, Keele University (1995-96)

Lecturer, Department of Philosophy, Keele University (1970-1995)

Visiting Positions

1983-4                         Exchange Professor at University of Georgia

Sept-Dec 1985           Exchange Professor at University of Georgia

1989-90                      Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Georgia

Oct 1994                     Visiting Scholar, Bryn Mawr College, PA

Apr 1995                     Visiting Lecturer, Turku, Finland

Fall 2001                     Visiting Research Professor, Florida State


1968-70                       Magdalen College, Oxford

Graduated with B.Phil

1964-68                       Newcastle University, England

Graduated with First-Class Honours in Philosophy


Ethical theory, metaethics, 18th Century British Moral Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion


Authored Books

Joseph Butler: A Critical Study OUP, under contract

Forgiveness (with Eve Garrard) Acumen Publishing (2010), 132pp.

Moral Vision: An Introduction to Ethics Wiley (1988), 214 pp. (translated into German and Croatian)

Edited Books

Joseph Butler: Fifteen Sermons and Other Writings on Ethics edited with introduction, notes, brief philosophical biographies, and selected bibliography. OUP (2017): xl, 204 pp.

Joseph Butler: Analogy of Religion edited with introduction, synopsis, notes, brief philosophical biographies, and selected bibliography. (OUP 2021)

By What Right? Studies in Medicine, Ethics and the Law (edited, with Peter de Cruz). Keele, Penrhos Publications (1989), 73 pp. (Papers read at conference on medical ethics held at Keele, March 1988.)

Articles and Papers

‘Evil and Forgiveness’ (with Eve Garrard) in M. McKenna, D. Nelkin, and B. Warmke (eds.) Forgiveness and its Moral Dimensions (OUP 2021): 197-211.

‘The Scottish Enlightenment’ (with David Purdie) in Cambridge History of Atheism vol I: Atheism from Antiquity to Modernity, Stephen Bullivant & Michael Ruse (eds.) 278-291 (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2021).

‘Once More with Feeling: Defending the Goodwill Account of Forgiveness’ (with Eve Garrard) in K. Norlock (ed.) The Moral Psychology of Forgiveness (Rowman and Littlefield 2017): 96-116.

‘Parfit’s Triple Theory and its Troubles’ (with Piers Rawling) Philosophic Exchange: Vol. 44: No. 2, Article 3, 22 pp.  Available at:

‘Normativity, Reasons, and Wrongness: How to be a Two-tier Theorist’ (with Piers Rawling) in Reading Parfit ed. S. Kirchin (Routledge 2017): 96-122.

‘Motivating Reasons and Normative Reasons’ (with Piers Rawling) in The Oxford Handbook of Reasons and Normativity, ed. D. Star (OUP) (forthcoming)

‘How to Theorise About Evil’ (with Eve Garrard) in S. Harrosh & R. Crisp (eds.) Moral Evil in Practical Ethics (Routledge 2019): 7-29.

‘On C. D. Broad’s “On the Function of False Hypotheses in Ethics”’ (with Piers Rawling), Ethics 125, Jan 2015, 512-516.

‘Forgiveness and Forgivingness’ (with Eve Garrard) in Handbook of Virtue Ethics ed. Stan van Hooft, Acumen publishing, 2014, 252-264.

‘Particularism’ (with Piers Rawling) in International Encyclopedia of Ethics, ed. Hugh LaFollette (Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell 2013, 10 pp.)

‘Contouring the Landscape: Particularism, Harms, Benefits and the Good’ (with Piers Rawling), in Thinking About Reasons: Essays in Honour of Jonathan Dancy, eds. D. Bakhurst, B. Hooker, and M. Little, Oxford: Oxford University Press 2013, pp. 240-64.

‘Intuitionism’ (with Piers Rawling), in The Blackwell Guide to Ethical Theory 2nd Edition, edited by Hugh LaFollette, Wiley-Blackwell 2013, pp. 287-310.

Butler’s Ethics’, in Oxford Handbook of the History of Ethics, edited by Roger Crisp, OUP 2013 pp. 377-398

‘Speak no evil?’ (with Eve Garrard) in Midwest Studies in Philosophy XXXVI, 2012, pp. 1-17.

‘From darkness into light? Reflections on Wandering in Darkness’ in European Journal of Philosophy of Religion 4, Autumn 2012, pp. 123-135.

‘Conditional unconditional forgiveness’ (with Eve Garrard), The Ethics of Forgiveness (ed.) Christel Fricke. Routledge 2011 pp. 97-106

‘Wiping the slate clean’ (with Eve Garrard) The Philosophers Magazine Spring 2011

‘The making / evidential reason distinction’ (with Piers Rawling) Analysis 71 1, Jan 2011, pp. 100-2

Why is so much philosophy so tedious? Florida Philosophical Review, IX 2, Winter 2009, pp. 1-14

‘Benefits, holism, and the aggregation of value’ (with Piers Rawling), Utilitarianism: The Aggregation Question edited by Ellen Paul, Fred Miller, and Jeffrey Paul, Cambridge University Press (2008), pp. 354-374. (Volume also produced as Social Philosophy & Policy 26, 1, Winter 2009.)

‘A distinctively moral skepticism?’, Philosophical Books 49, July 2008, pp. 207–217

‘Holism about Value’ (with Piers Rawling) in Challenging Moral Particularism edited by M. Lance, M. Potrc, V. Strahovnik, Routledge (2008) pp. 116-132

‘Deontology’ (with Piers Rawling) in Principles of Health Care Ethics (2nd Edition) edited by R. E. Ashcroft et. al., Chichester: John Wiley (2007) pp. 65-71

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‘Duty, Rationality and Practical Reasons’ (with Piers Rawling) in The Oxford Handbook of Rationality edited by Al Mele and Piers Rawling, Oxford: Oxford University Press (2004) pp.110-131

‘Can Scanlon avoid redundancy by passing the buck?’ (with Piers Rawling) Analysis (2003) pp. 328-331.

‘Naturalism and normativity’ (with Piers Rawling) Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society, Supp. Vol. (2003) pp. 24-45.

‘In defence of unconditional forgiveness’ (with Eve Garrard) Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society (2002-3), pp. 39-60

‘Conditional and conditioned reasons’ (with Piers Rawling) Utilitas 14 (2002), pp. 240-248

‘Is God (almost) a consequentialist? Swinburne’s moral theory’, Religious Studies 38 (2002), pp. 265-281

‘Achievement, welfare and consequentialism’ (with Piers Rawling) Analysis 61 (2001), pp. 156-62

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`”Sense” and “Sensibility”‘ in the Proceedings of the Jane Austen Society, West Midlands Branch, 4 (1994), pp. 23-29

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`Agent-Relativity and the Doing/Happening Distinction’ (with Piers Rawling) Philosophical Studies, 63 (1991), pp. 167-185

`Killing and Letting Die’ in By What Right? pp. 17-30 (see above)

`McGinn on Primary and Secondary Qualities’ in Analysis Vol. 44 (1984), No, 2 pp. 78-80

Web Publications

‘Richard Price’ in Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy

McNAUGHTON, DAVID and PIERS RAWLING (1998, 2010). Deontological ethics. In E. Craig (Ed.), Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy. London: Routledge. Posted October 19, 2010, from

McNAUGHTON, DAVID and PIERS RAWLING (1998, 2010). Consequentialism. In E. Craig (Ed.), Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy. London: Routledge. Posted October 19, 2010, from

McNAUGHTON, DAVID (1998). Ross, W. D.. In E. Craig (Ed.), Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy. London: Routledge. Retrieved October 19, 2010, from

‘Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness’ in Normblog:

Commentary on Thomas Hurka (University of Toronto), “Value and Friendship: A More Subtle View”, 2006 (with Piers Rawling)

Commentary on Rabinowicz and Osterberg, ‘Value based on preferences: On two interpretations of preference utilitarianism’ (with Eve Garrard) at

Dictionary and Short Encyclopaedia Entries

Expanded and revised entries (with Piers Rawling) on ‘consequentialism’ and ‘deontology’ in the Routledge Encyclopaedia of Philosophy (online 2009).

Entries on `Shaftesbury’, `Butler’ in the Thoemmes Dictionary of Eighteenth Century Philosophy (1998)

Entries on ‘consequentialism’, ‘deontology’, ‘W.D. Ross’, and ‘Shaftesbury’ in the Routledge Encyclopaedia of Philosophy (1998).`Apperception’ in J. Dancy and E. Sosa (edd.) A Companion to Epistemology Oxford, Basil Blackwell (1992)

Entries on: obligation, descriptivism, prescriptivism, intuitionism, moral sense, conscience, open-question argument in A.G.N. Flew (ed) A Dictionary of Philosophy London, Macmillan (1979)

Book Reviews

I have reviewed books for Philosophical Books, Philosophy, Ethics, Journal of Philosophy, British Journal for the History of Philosophy, Utilitas, Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews, Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy, Philosophy and Literature, and Philosophy Today

Recent reviews

Maria Antonaccio, Picturing the Human: The moral thought of Iris Murdoch, Ethics 112: 818-820, 2002.

Michael Huemer, Ethical Intuitionism, Palgrave Macmillan, 2006. Notre Dame Philosophical Review

Joyce Tarpley, Constancy and the ethics of Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park, in Philosophy and Literature, 2011: 12-14

Skorupski (ed.), The Routledge Companion to Ethics in Journal of Moral Philosophy

Thomas Hurka (ed.) Underivative Duty: British Moral Philosophers from Sidgwick to Ewing, in Ethics

David Kaspar, Intuitionism, Notre Dame Philosophical Review 2014

Joseph Mendola, Human Interests, in Utilitas


Moral Vision pp. 190-201 in M. Timmons (ed.) Conduct and Character, Wadsworth, 5th Ed. (2006) pp. 237-45

Moral Vision pp. 3-4, 6-7, 9-10, 39, 41-42, 48, 51-54, 63-64 in T. Beauchamp (ed.) Philosophical Ethics, McGraw-Hill. (2000)

‘An unconnected heap of duties’ in P. Stratton-Lake (ed.) Ethical Intuitionism: Re-evaluations OUP (2002), pp. 76-91

‘An unconnected heap of duties’ in R. Shafer-Landau (ed.) Ethical Theory: An Anthology, Blackwell (2007)

‘Thick concepts revisited’ in A. Fisher & S. Kirchin (eds.) Arguing About Metaethics, Routledge 2006, pp. 516-7.



I have read papers at the following universities:

Britain: Aberystwyth, Leeds, Nottingham, Birmingham, Sheffield, Bradford, Manchester, Cambridge, Liverpool, Warwick, Reading, Kent, Oxford

Europe: Hanover

USA: Davidson NC, Chapel Hill NC, Virginia, Columbia SC, Asheville NC, Sweetbriar VA, Brooklyn NY, Georgia, Bryn Mawr PA, Swarthmore PA, Virginia Commonwealth, Brown, Dartmouth, Georgetown, Florida State, Georgia State, Washington University MO, University of Missouri at Columbia, Bowling Green, Columbia College MO, UC Davis, Westmont, BIOLA.

‘A distinctively moral skepticism?’ An invited response to Walter Sinnott-Armstrong’s book, Moral Skepticisms, at Author Meets Critic session at Pacific APA, San Francisco, March 2007

‘Humility’: University of Florida, March 2007

‘Humility’: Invited keynote address at inaugural meeting of Midwest Society for Ethics, Columbia College, Missouri, April 2007

‘Humility’: Oxford and Reading Universities, UK, May 2007

‘Why is so much philosophy so tedious?’: Presidential Address at the Florida Philosophical Association, Nov 2007

‘Benefits, holism, and the aggregation of value, Conference on Aggregation at Bowling Green, Nov 2007

‘Impartiality and duties of special relationship’: invited paper at conference on Impartiality at University of Reading, UK, Nov 2007

‘Is unconditional forgiveness morally defective?’ University of Virginia, 2009

‘Reasons, Benefits, and the Good: A Framework’, St. Louis Annual Conference on Reason and Rationality, 2009.

‘Reasons, Benefits, and the Good’, UC Davis, May 2011

‘Consequentialism, Reasons, Benefits, and the Good’, Rocky Mountain Ethics Conference, August 2011

‘From Darkness into Light? Reflections on Eleonore Stump’s Wandering in Darkness’, Pacific APA, Seattle 2012

‘Consequentialism, Reasons, Benefits, and the Good’, Oxford University moral philosophy seminar series, May 2012

‘Humility’ Keynote address at Alabama Philosophical Society conference

‘Humility’ Grand Valley State University, October 2012

‘Value, Benefit, and Divine Goodness’, Florida Philosophical Association, Nov 2012

‘Normativity and Reasons – The Two Tier View’ Boston University April 2013

‘Three Moral Views – And What’s Wrong With Them’ SUNY Brockport, Nov 2013

‘Humility’, Westmont College, Feb 2015

‘Unconditional Forgiveness’, Westmont College, Feb 2015

‘Hypocrisy’, BIOLA, Feb 2015

‘Value, Benefit, and Divine Goodness’, Society for Philosophy of Religion, Feb 2015

‘Value, Benefit, and Divine Goodness’, Seminar at Oxford University on Joseph Butler, June 2015.

‘Value, Benefit, and Divine Goodness’, University of Reading, June 2016

‘Response to Arash Naraghi, God, Moral Dilemmas, and the Problem of Gratuitous Evil’ Society for Philosophy of Religion, San Antonio, Feb 2016

Conferences Organised

1988    Problems of Medical Ethics, Keele University

1996    Inaugural Conference of the British Society for Ethical Theory, Keele

1997    Workshop on Moral Motivation (invited dozen moral philosophers from UK, USA, Australia, NZ for three days of intensive discussion)

1999    (with Philip Stratton-Lake) Re-evaluating Ethical Intuitionism, Keele (dozen invited speakers: leading moral philosophers in UK and USA)

2006    Florida Philosophical Association, Tampa

2013    Athens and Jerusalem, FSU


1995    Philosophical Quarterly Essay Prize for ‘An unconnected heap of duties?’ on the topic of ‘Ethical Intuitionism’

2010    University Teaching Award


1996    Keele University Research Award

2002    UK Arts and Humanities Research Board Award

Editorial Appointments

Member of Editorial Committee of Utilitas

Editorial consultant for the British Journal of the History of Philosophy (until 2003)

Corresponding Editor for Ethical Theory and Moral Practice (until 2003)

Member of Editorial Committee of Social Theory and Practice (2003- 2017)

Member of Editorial Committee of International Journal for Philosophy of Religion (until 2021)

Professional Consultancy

I am a reader of manuscripts for Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, Macmillan, Routledge, Acumen Publishing, and Basil Blackwell, and have refereed papers for Nous, Ethics, Analysis, Canadian Journal of Philosophy, Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, Aristotelian Society, Environmental Values, Philosophia, Philosophers Imprint, Southern Journal of Philosophy, Religious Studies, Philosophical Papers, Theoria, in addition to the journals in which I have an editorial role.


In 1995, I founded the British Society for Ethical Theory. It holds an Annual Conference which regularly attracts a good number of delegates, of whom many, including around half the speakers, come from overseas. It also represents the interests of members of the profession working in ethics at national level. In 1999 I was re-elected President for a further three years, and am now an Honorary Vice-President.

Vice-President, Florida Philosophical Association 2005-6

President, Florida Philosophical Association 2006-7

Membership of Professional Associations

British Society for Ethical Theory (Founding President)

Aristotelian Society (until 2003)

British Society for the History of Philosophy (until 2003)

British Society for the Philosophy of Religion (until 2003)

American Philosophical Association

Hume Society (until 2003)

Society of Christian Philosophers

Society for Philosophy of Religion (since 2013)